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At RiDiK, we have tried humbly to re-define “Technology Solution” by adding a component of consulting into it.


We provide business consulting & technology services to small, mid, large & startup organizations across multiple industries. Consultation on all aspects of the business process that have the ability to affect the outcome. We specialize on dashboards, strategy, technology architecture and landscape, business transformations and processes.

To be acknowledged as a preferred business and technology service provider for consistently providing Thoughtful & Effective solutions for our clients.
Best mix of Domain Expertise and Industry knowledge with tailor made solutions for different business and technology needs through a Thinking Approach and performance driven.
At RiDiK, we have tried humbly to re-define “services” by adding a component of Consulting into it. This means that we endeavor to specialize in providing Business Consulting Solutions and not just plain services.
We focus on attracting talent not hunting for talent.

Honesty: Honest hearts, honest actions… We talk straight and to the point.

Passion: Put our heart and soul into it.

Teamwork: Go together, go far.

Progressive Approach: Last task was good, can next task be better?

Honesty, teamwork, passion - our values are the guiding lamps of our journey.

RiDiK(A subsidiary of CLPS. Nasdaq: CLPS) is a boutique business consulting company with its members bringing unparalleled years of experience in business consulting. These partners (as we often like to call our management team as) have excelled in their previous organizations before creating RiDiK. Team always conduct in a manner that reflects our passion and commitment to delivering a positive outcome for all parties involved. Team members are committed to our Mission Statement and share similar values and high standards. All team members continuously learn and assists clients and candidates to reach their business goals. Team constantly review and improve all aspects of our company. To be innovative and creative and ‘add value’ to the business consulting process at every opportunity to further enhance the outcome.