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Referral Program

Our Referral Program


Client Referrals:

You have the opportunity to earn referral bonuses effortlessly by introducing clients to RiDiK who can benefit from our staffing or project services. If you know of a business that could benefit from partnering with us, please let us know.

Once you provide us with a referral, we will introduce our company to them, along with the associated terms and conditions. If the referred client chooses to engage our services for filling their open positions or delivering projects, you will be rewarded!

Here's how our referral program works:

  • A Referral Bonus will be paid to you after the referred client pays each invoice.
  • The bonus amount is set at 1% of the monthly billing amount, and you will receive this bonus every month as long as the associate referred by you continues to work with the client (for contract positions).
  • In the case of a permanent hire made by the client, you will be eligible for a one-time fee of 10% of the billing amount.
  • You will be compensated for all the work we undertake with the referred client.

We value your support in referring clients to RiDiK, and we want to ensure you are duly rewarded for your efforts.


Candidates Referrals:

We believe in attracting the best talent to work with us, and we value your assistance in finding exceptional candidates. If you know someone with great potential, let us know, and we'll make it worth your while.

Connect those in your network with an exciting new career opportunity.

If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who is considering a career move, refer them to RiDiK, and help them gain an advantage in their job search. By referring them to us, you can participate in our Referral Program and enjoy the benefits.

For Contract Positions: Earn a one-time reward of 300 SGD for each successful referral who joins us*.

For Permanent Positions with our clients: Earn a one-time fee of 5% of the billing amount.

Our Referral Program knows no bounds. The more professionals you refer who are successfully placed by RiDiK, the more you can earn.

Give those you know a head start in their pursuit of their next career opportunity. RiDiK collaborates with leading employers, offering a wide range of positions, including contract opportunities of varying durations and long-term, full-time permanent roles.

*To be eligible for the referral bonus, the referred employee (not already in our database) must join us for a contract assignment or join our client on a permanent role. Your bonus will be paid after they have worked with us for a period of 3 months. For direct hire referrals, the client must have paid the invoice before the referral bonus can be paid.

We appreciate your involvement in our referral program, and we look forward to welcoming exceptional candidates through your recommendations.


How to Claim Your Bonus:

Referring an employee is a straightforward process. Here's what you need to do:

  • Send the referred resume to one of our recruiters, with a cc to hr@ridik.net. Make sure to include your name and contact information in the referral.
  • Once your referral has been interviewed and successfully placed by us, you become eligible for the referral bonus.
  • For contracting roles, you will start receiving your bonus after the referred candidate completes 90 days with us. In the case of direct hire positions, you will receive your referral bonus after we receive payments from our clients. Typically, this is within 90 days, but some clients may take up to 6 months to make the payment.
  • The timeline for receiving the referral bonus may vary on a case-by-case basis, but we will provide you with clear information at the time of hiring. Rest assured, we will maintain regular communication with you throughout the process.

We appreciate your participation in our referral program, and we assure you that we will keep you informed every step of the way.