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What we do

Agile Recruitment Framework

RiDiK is a home grown boutique recruiting house (headquartered in Singapore) that is committed to provide Thoughtful customized recruitment solutions to clients. We create very efficient and effective ways to re-define Recruitment by adding a component of Consulting, to provide not just recruitment services but Recruitment Consulting Solution.

Contingency Search

RiDiK is proud to offer a “no risk” search solution for mid level staff to higher-management permanent placement. Our contingency search practice is dedicated to our Client Focus methodology and deploys specialized recruiters to effectively identify the best available talent in the marketplace.

Consultative Recruitment

RiDiK helps setting up recruitment process from scratch for organizations that have just landed in Singapore / India. Services include devising recruitment strategy & manpower planning. Through Process consulting, customized trainings are formulated for newly hired recruiters. RiDiK helps in scenarios where rapid project staffing is required to create a parallel internal recruitment team where the engagement would also span managing the entire on-board process.

Retain Search

RiDiK offers several benefits to the clients as many of the strengths of the retained search model can be captured while at the same time reducing the financial risks for both parties.

Retain Search takes precedence over contingency assignments due to the mutual commitments that are involved in the search process and the fees for such search are predominately higher than in contingency assignments and the advantages of a retained search are significant.

Contract IT Staffing / Staff Augmentation

RiDiK has a strong Staff Augmentation team in place and with billable consultants in Singapore, We provides contract staff on a need basis, which could vary from six months to an year or even more. This process executed may include staffing, interviews, administration, payroll, staff retention, career path for incumbent etc. The fees charged are exercised for the use of monitoring Client’s IT infrastructure and resolve any issues that arise within it. This provides peace of mind and predictable cost for the client.