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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Integrated Strategic Solutions eliminate inadequacies in today’s competitive market, RiDiK addresses clients who want to eliminate operational inadequacies as well as build strategic solutions (Consulting, IT, BPO) for long-term competitive gains. Our innovative, accelerated Business Transformation approaches drive measurable improvements in critical metrics such as Free Cash Flow and Return on Equity.

RiDiK delivers value to clients by:

  • Applying our industry experience to key business functions
  • Recognizing the areas of business impact and value
  • Applying process and technical expertise
  • Sharing ownership of the final business outcomes of the client

Business Transformation

RiDiK offers business advisory services with right execution models to help organizations take advantage of our expertise and the innate strengths of the organization. With extensive experience and expertise in specific sectors and domains, Business Transformation builds and delivers strategic, transformational, business focused solutions to our client's top management.


  • Business Transformation Services
  • Cost and Productivity Optimization
  • Product Life Cycle Optimization

Process Excellence

We believe that business driven transformations coupled with technology are the means to redefine organizational relationships and change the processes through which they interact. RiDiK’s Process Excellence Consulting helps organizations deal with the pressures of today’s economic climate. Process Excellence has following services and solutions to boost your organizations operational efficiency:


  • Business Performance Management
  • IT Governance and IT Process Transformation
  • Testing Transformation
  • IT Operations & Service Management

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Enterprises today focus on long-term capability of the IT Architecture (applications, technology platforms, data and infrastructure), keeping in mind the volatile market dynamics and emerging business models. RiDiK collaborates with a master plan which facilitates complete Enterprise Architecture (EA) that effectively links business strategy, business processes, applications, information entities and infrastructure to drive business alignment, agility, interoperability, resource management and above all to reduce 'total cost of ownership' (TCO).


  • Transformational Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Management & Business Intelligence (BI)
  • E-Business Strategy, Architecture & Assessment

Self-Service BI,Data Visualization

Business Challenges

The volume of data available and the demand for successful, intelligent and targeted insight andanalysesofthisdataaregrowingeveryday.Companies able to embrace this opportunity and provide the right data at the right time in the right formatwillbeabletomakebetterdecisionsandgaina competitiveadvantage.

Truly understanding the business and the key processes that drive your company is equally important to a successful transformation.

Management Reporting, Performance Management & Data Visualisation

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Data can provide this insight, whether it is management reporting or supporting your key processes around consolidation, forecasting and planning. We can help you with:

  • defining and building your reporting, KPIsand dashboards to support insight and decision- making
  • supporting your core financial processes around planning, budgeting, forecasting & consolidation with ITsolutions

Our Self Service tool:

  • Sales groups to customize their reports, Rapidly analyze information, make faster, better informed decisions, respond quickly to business opportunities
  • Data visualization, an established data integration technique, is a critical BI component for enabling users to see trends, patterns, and other relationships that can provide actionable intelligence
  • Define your BI strategy and Road map, helping you realize your full data insights potential
  • Implement a business intelligence organisation to define and drive key processes around governance, ownership, data definitions and platform & development decisions
  • Ensure high-quality data based on master data management strategy, governance and implementation
  • Develop your information management platform, from data warehouse to data transformation, analysis and reporting based on your existing platform