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BI & Analytics Consulting

BI & Analytics Consulting


Advisory Services

  • Identifying / defining BI / Analytics business / project initiative
  • Developing a BI/ Analytics implementation road-map
  • Current state and future state of BI/ Analytics environment
  • Creation of proof of concepts, technology / tool evaluation services
  • Implementation of best-practices and industry standards
  • Implementation of new tools, technologies to provide innovative solutions.

Our execution services include:

  • Implementation of all the phases of BI/DW projects – Requirements, Data Modeling, ETL design, implementation
  • Modeling data warehouses
  • Implementation techniques using ROLAP, OLAP, MOLAP, etc
  • BI/Analytics solutions using both packaged software and custom development
  • Building analytics tools for industry needs such as: Retail analytics, Marketing analytics, Supply chain optimizations, CRM analytics, etc.
  • Statistical analysis tools such as SPSS, SAS, Mathsoft, etc.

Turning data into actionable insights


RiDiK visual discovery provides:

  • Rich, interactive visualizations that users can access on their device of choice, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • The ability to access any data, regardless of its source or location, and display it via advanced visuals
  • Robust analytical capabilities through a wide array of graphics and visualizations
  • Compelling and engaging images, including paraboxes, histograms, timetables, and more